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Louise Runyon Performance Company is dependent upon contributions by numerous individuals in order to carry out our programming. In these precarious times, our work depends on you for support: ticket sales are simply not enough, and grant income is always eroding and uncertain. Given the times, we do our best to keep ticket prices low. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.
If you would like to contribute, your check may be made payable to Louise Runyon Performance Company, Inc., and mailed to:
Louise Runyon Performance Company
P.O. Box 33601
Decatur, GA 30033-0601
Many thanks for your support!


There are many other ways you can help us. We are always looking for volunteers—here are some of the things we need:
Post-Performance Receptions: We need someone to organize our receptions for our shows, and also need individual donations of food, drink and paper products.
Publicity: Help us get the word out about performances—forward notice of our shows to your e-mail list, with a message about why your friends and contacts should come.
Graphic Design: We are always in need of graphic design for postcards and posters for our annual shows—let us know if you can donate these skills.
Usher at our annual performances, and see the show for free!
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Poetry Reading

Louise Runyon, Robert Brown, Thrower Starr
Monday, December 4
7:15 p.m.
Decatur Public Library
215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030