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About Us

Louise Runyon Performance Company, an Atlanta multidisciplinary performance company, was founded in 1989. Based in modern dance, we produce annual concerts which frequently include dance, poetry, theatre, puppetry and music. Local venues have included 7 Stages, The Beam and Beacon Hill Arts Center. In addition to annual productions, we have performed our work at local and national venues including the Arts Festival of Atlanta, Center for Puppetry Arts, Decatur Arts Festival, Kingfest, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, the Cleveland (OH) Performance Art Festival, and many universities around the southeast and the nation. We have been funded by Georgia Council for the Arts, the Governor's Discretionary Fund, City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Fulton County Arts Council, DeKalb County Office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment, and by individuals and corporations.
» Stark, even imagery emulating a painting in motion… conveying the bitter and sweet of the hunger for spirit.
Art Papers

Our Mission

We create and present work that is collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and developed through improvisational exploration. We are committed to presenting multiple disciplines including dance, theatre, poetry, music and puppetry. We are concerned thematically with questions of empowerment and the human spirit; women's experience; the environment and the natural world; and with issues of relationship, connection and community.
» Runyon is… natural, warm, funny and child-like… Fun and sweet, and very wise, just like a wonderful child…
Art Papers
Words and movement are of particular interest to us: combining the two in different ways as well as presenting single-discipline works. Contact Improvisation (CI) is the dance genre that fuels much of our work. CI involves two partners maintaining contact of body surfaces while rolling, lifting and giving weight; the beauty of CI is in the effortless conversation of two connected bodies in motion. About listening, collaboration and communication, it echoes our thematic interests in community, relationship and connection. For information about opportunities to participate in CI in Atlanta, go to www.AtlantaContact.org.
» [Runyon] has a special skill of using words and songs as rhythmical underpinnings to her skillfully modulated movements… intensely personal and intensely portrayed.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Who We Are

Artistic Director Louise Runyon graduated from Oberlin College in 1970 with a degree in Theatre Arts and English. Her artistic work has been influenced most deeply by Joseph Chaikin's Open Theater in New York, the legendary experimental theatre group with whom she apprenticed in 1969; and by Leslie Uhl and The Dance Unit in Atlanta, who watered and nurtured the New York seeds. Runyon has toured her one-woman show, "Crones, Dolls and Raging Beauties," throughout the Southeast and the nation, often through university women's studies departments. She produced her first book of poems, Reborn, in 2004, and her second, LANDSCAPE / Fear & Love, in 2007. She is also a practitioner of the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of movement education, a movement-based mind-body discipline, working with individuals and groups to improve movement (www.FeldenkraisAtlanta.com).
» Runyon is an artistic force to be reckoned with, a woman of substance.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Since 1989 we have worked with 27 artists including dancers, musicians, poets, puppeteers and jugglers. Most recently, collaborating artists have included dancers Lori Teague, Lynn Hesse and Tom Bell, poet Alice Lovelace (AliceLovelace.com), musician Adam Cole (AdamCole.net) and dancer/choreographer D. Patton White (BeaconDance.org).

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Poetry Reading

Louise Runyon, Robert Brown, Thrower Starr
Monday, December 4
7:15 p.m.
Decatur Public Library
215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030